First Snow in Sierra Nevada

We are back with an incentive group from the UK in beautiful Granada, where the first snow is up on the peaks of Sierra Nevada! Today we have the visit of the monumental Alhambra and its splendid Generalife gardens on the list, an absolute must when visiting Andalusia.

The Alhambra is the most important demonstration of fine islamic architecture to be found in Europe. Declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site, it is nowadays the most visited monument in all of Spain. Through a direct access from the top part of the Alhambra it is possible to enter the stunning Generalife, the summer residences of the Nasrid Kings.

The snow-topped peaks of Sierra Nevada makes the enormous views from Mirador San Nicolás in the historic Albaicín quarter across to the Alhambra with the Sierra in the back – as here to be seen on the picture – even more picturesque!

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