La Feria de Abril in Sevilla

The unique “Feria de Abril de Sevilla” begins every year 3 weeks after the Holy Week, the much beloved “Semana Santa”. It starts at midnight on Saturday, and runs seven days, ending on the following Saturday. Every day the Feria begins with the parade of carriages and riders, at noon. For the duration of the fair, the fairgrounds are totally covered in rows of “casetas” (individual decorated marquee tents which are temporarily built on the fairground). Some of these “casetas” belong to prominent families of Seville, some to groups of friends, clubs, trade associations or political parties. From the late afternoon until six or seven the following morning, you will find crowds partying and dancing “Sevillanas”.


According to a popular saying, Seville has a very special colour, and all the more so during its “Feria de Abril” where you hear all day and night and everywhere Flamenco music, and in particular the “sevillanas”, a particularly pleasant and cheerful part of Flamenco that is easy to dance to, especially for women. Once the pointed hoods, trumpets and drums of Easter week are left behind, it is the turn of flounces, ornamental combs, castanets, and, above all, the joy of a people who positively give off imagination and good humour. Sevilla is more beautiful than ever during the “Feria”, and, with music and jubilation, it displays the essence of this magical city: its joyful spirit and the good nature of its people.