Our CEO Marc Schwabach has been elected onto the ADMEI Board of Directors 2020-22

During the recent International Conference of ADMEI (Association of Destination Management Executives International) celebrated 28-31 January 2020 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, our CEO Marc Schwabach DMCP, CIS, CITP, has been elected onto the Association’s Board of Directors for a 2-year term (2020-2022).

In a recent statement Marc said:

ADMEI is THE resource every DMC in the world needs in order to become knowledgeable, work professionally, grow their business, and stay on top of the game. The education ADMEI members receive through online resources, templates, training and the annual live conference, is incalculable.

I can only recommend that any DMC, no matter from where and of which size, not only become an ADMEI member and to grow professionally, but also to take it even further by taking the DMCP exam and even becoming an Accredited DMC (ADMC), the highest recognition a Destination Management Company can obtain in our industry.”

Marc stressed the importance of every member of Preferred DMCs holding certification and accreditation to ensure the same high standards in all Preferred DMCs destinations. Accreditation can be seen as an investment: it is a means to create value and to be accepted as a partner by clients, rather than as a supplier. It enables a DMC to become a subject expert and reach a level of professionalism where they add value from the very early event conception stages, by providing event architecture services, rather than merely a venue and tour booking service.


About ADMEI: The Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) is a membership association for Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and is the premier resource for education, standards, and practices within the Destination Management industry. With a global presence and respected reputation for sharing the value of DMCs to both internal and external stakeholders, ADMEI is the Voice of DMCs. More information on www.admei.org

About Ambiance Incentives: Ambiance Incentives is a leading, Accredited Destination and Event Management Company in Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Sevilla. As the only Accredited DMC (ADMC) in Spain, Ambiance Incentives offers highly qualified destination and event management services all over Spain including the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as in Andorra and Gibraltar. More information on www.ambiance-incentives.com