VIP Event in Palma de Mallorca

We have been working the entire week in Palma de Mallorca – what a beautiful city! What an extraordinary incentive destination!

Palma de Mallorca – the capital of the island Mallorca – surprises with its cultural and historical wealth. The signs of the glorious past are spread through the whole city which boasts of abundant churches, impressing buildings and elegant mansions.

It hosts the Gothic Cathedral, the most important monument of the Balearic Islands. This cathedral is situated near the beach promenade and the old harbour. As many churches in medieval Spain, the Cathedral was built upon a former Mosque. From outside, the Cathedral boasts with its elaborated façade aligned towards the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s a pleasure to walk this town, along the pedestrian streets of Palma, with all its nice shops, restaurants and bars, and to discover among other sites like the beautiful Plaça Mayor close to the city’s town hall or the “Teatro Principal” with all its terraces on the square.

We had also enjoyed the beautiful sunset over Mallorca…. amazing evening!


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