Incentive Travel



Incentive travel is not a luxury - it's a necessity!

Because incentive travel works. When it comes to motivating people, non-cash incentives are 3 times more effective than cash incentives, and within the group of non-cash rewards, incentive travel is even 5 times more effective than cash, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

It is quite a few years ago now that incentive travel is proven to have a positive effect on businesses and people, no matter where these are located nor in which industries they are active. There are manifold statistics and reports conducted by international consultancies such as KPMG, McKinsey or PWC and organizations such as SITE or MPI stating that non-cash rewards to employees are by far more motivating for them than cash rewards, and consequently are more interesting to employers. For employees, to win an incentive trip is more than a reward – it is recognition for their performance.

Incentives are memorable, and what can be more memorable than an unforgettable trip to a foreign country with spectacular activities and experiences the rewarded ones would never witness on their own? Ambiance Incentives, founded in 1998, has the experience, the human qualities and all the local know-how needed to make your incentive trip to Spain or Andorra an experience that your invitees will remember for a long time!

Give it a try! Organising your next event in Spain and Andorra is that easy: just call us at +34 935896852 or send a mail to – we are committed to answer in 0-24 hours.

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