VIP Travel


Since 1998 Ambiance Incentives is covering the needs of private und public personalities from all over the world travelling to Spain, with very special requirements. Our motto is "every client is an own world" - we take it as a given that no two VIP's are alike and that all our VIP customers have different preferences, needs, ways of thinking, ways of communication, and budgets. And accordingly, we take the time to truly understand the logistics and innovative challenges requested in every moment during his or her stay in Spain, no matter if the concerned VIP is the CEO of a blue chip company attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a member of a Royal Family spending the weekend in Marbella, a show business celebrity giving a concert in Madrid, or an independent gentleman looking for a deluxe skiing vacation in Baqueira Beret with family, under complete anonimity.

For more information on VIP travel options, just send an email to - we will reply in 0-24 hours.


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