Individual Incentives


Our core business at Ambiance Incentives is to deliver group incentive travel programmes in Spain to our valued customers from all over the world. However, we have adapted to the new surroundings and can proudly introduce our "Individual Incentives": exciting individual experiential travel programmes to Spain which allow us to continue offering to our clients once-off travel rewards for top-performers, valuable employees, appraised clients, and beloved friends.

All Individual Incentives packages are highly interesting and top class, bucket list trips for many; they are competitively priced and doable for any number of people (standard is 2, but they can be carried out from 1 person onwards). They are totally flexible with regards to the travel dates and the preferred programme, and can be fully adapted to the needs of the traveller. And above all, safety and cleanliness are assured, as we preferably work with suppliers who are "Safe Tourism Certified" by the Spanish government.
Additionally, we also offer the purchase of vouchers which the customer or the invitee can redeem at any point in time during the next 3 years. Our package vouchers are fully customisable and may be redeemed for travel anytime within 3 years from date of issuance. This enormous flexibility allows the package recipient to do whatever they would like to do, choose the specific event or destination they want to see, and decide anytime over a 3 year time span when they want to travel.
Please contact us at any time at for concrete information on our Individual Incentives programmes to Spain – we respond in 0-24 hours.



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