Virtual & Hybrid Events


Face-to-face meetings will never be replaceable. However, technology is progressing fast and virtual and hybrid events (hybrid events are in-person events with an important virtual component for delegates who can't attend personally) have already become indispensable and much needed in these unheard-of times. Think of participants who are unable to attend your event personally because of the sanitary situation in their countries; or the situation that your planned in-person event is not realistic anymore because of travel bans or other political decisions beyond your control; or simply your event budget has been reduced due to lower sales figures, and can't cope with the travel expenses for all your delegates.

Now, even though virtual events have the advantage that they can hold much more invitees than in-person events, they are in reality quite limited in comparison to live events, due to the lack of face-to-face gatherings and networking opportunities. And not to speak of the attractiveness of the hosting destination with its diverse offers delegates can experience. Virtual events rely entirely on technology and content, after all. A virtual event must be attractive because of its contents, not because of the beauty of the host destination, or the networking opportunities during a cocktail reception. And technology is the maker or breaker, as we all know.
We at Ambiance Incentives are very aware of these two fundamental factors, and work with our clients and our technology suppliers on the delivery of flawless virtual and hybrid events. Particularly in this segment, anything but the best is not worth it.
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