Special Interest Groups


The special interest groups segment, based mainly on small to medium-sized private and public groups, has become increasingly important for us over the years and consequently a business line in which we have accumulated a particularly important expertise. We listen to our clients and understand that the importance lies in the detail, and this is especially true for these special groups who care about certain items other agents wouldn't think of. Here are some examples of special interest groups we do handle frequently, all over Spain:


  • Rotary & Lions Clubs
  • Cultural Groups & Study Tours
  • Opera Trips
  • Wine & Gastronomy Friends
  • Private Celebrations incl. Weddings
  • Golf Groups
  • Tennis Camps
  • Soccer & Basketball Teams
  • Deluxe Cruises
  • Universities
  • Diplomats & Authorities

For more information on special groups and events, just call us at +34 935896852 or send an email to info@ambiance-incentives.com - we will be pleased to send you an immediate offer!

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